Jack Leases Apartment
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Jack, Leases Apartment
United States, Ohio, Columbus
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About Property
Headline:  flatmate wanted
Location:  United States,  Ohio,  Columbus
Rent fee
per 1 month: 
1,700 USD, Price negotiating is possible
Available from:  11.24.2008 View via calendar
Property type:  Apartment
Floors total:  1 floors
Environment, surroundings:  Fitness Center
The following is available in the neighbourhood:  Cycling , Hiking
Accomodations:  Hot water and heating, Canalization, Electricity, Satellite TV or Cable TV
Appliances:  Microwave, Refrigerator, Air conditioning, TV(s)

My preferences (About the renter)
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About me
Name: Jack
Surname: Stevenson
Contact info is available to only registered users

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